Member spotlight 4.18.14: Bechtel's RFID project, Cisco teams with Amsterdam, MasterCard on contactless payments, Microsoft exec talks city mega trends

Fri, 2014-04-18 06:00 -- SCC Staff

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Bechtel wins award for innovative project in Australia: Council Global Partner Bechtel has won a CETI Award for the company’s innovative use of RFID technology on the liquefied natural gas projects Bechtel is building on Curtis Island in Queensland, Australia. The CETI Awards honor individuals and companies that have conducted new and emerging technology implementations. They are awarded by Fiatech, an international group dedicated to the global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies.

AmsterdamCisco signs on to help Amsterdam get greener and smarter: City leaders interested in how public-private partnerships can drive smart cities should read Joel Makeover's piece at He spent time with execs from Cisco, a Council Global Partner, and Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan as they launched a partnership earlier this month to use smarter and greener innovation to turn Amsterdam into one of Cisco's Internet of Everything lighthouse cities. As the mayor said in the article, “The idea of public-private partnerships started in the 1980s and huge mistakes were made, especially from the side of the government. We do it better now because it is in fact quite natural to work together as the private sector and the public sector. I mean, we no longer think it is bad when a company makes profit. And they don't think it is bad when we have certain regulations they should obey.”

MasterCard extends its contactless footprint in Europe: Contactless payment has reached mass market adoption in several countries, according to Council Global Partner MasterCard, which says contactless acceptance is now available in 63 countries worldwide, including 34 in Europe. "As well as being loved by people across Europe, retailers are also seeing the benefit with some seeing well over 50 percent of card transactions tapped, making the shopping experience safer and simpler for all of us," said Javier Perez, president of MasterCard Europe.

Microsoft exec talks mega trends with APAC city leaders: Stefan Sjostrom, Vice President Asia, Public Sector, for Council Global Partner Microsoft spoke earlier this week at the Cities and Big Data Summit in Singapore. He told city leaders that four mega technology trends can transform government organizations, citing mobile, social, cloud and Big Data. FutureGov reported on his talk and some of the success stories he shared from Microsoft's work with cities via its CityNext initiative. One example: how a Thai law enforcement agency that used Big Data to reduce investigation time from two years to 15 days.


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