Member spotlight 10.24.14: MasterCard, Qualcomm, S&C Electric, Alstom Grid

Fri, 2014-10-24 06:00 -- SCC Staff

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MasterCard opens NYC innovation hub
The global payments and technology company is housing its emerging payments teams in the heart of the technology community in New York City's Flatiron District. The 60,000 square foot facility opened earlier this week with demonstrations of MasterCard's newest digital innovations including MasterPass, MasterCard Digital Enablement System (MDES) and wearable technology. “New York City is one of the world’s pre-eminent technology and product talent pools, and we see our Flatiron office as critical input for our continued global innovation,” said Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard, a Council Lead Partner. “The payments industry is being redefined in the digital age, and the office builds upon our Dublin, Singapore and St. Louis hubs, reinforcing our commitment to developing the most cutting-edge payment technologies.”

PC Mag cites Qualcomm role in advancing wireless innovation
As a follow-up to Qualcomm's recent developer conference, Tim Bajarin, writing in PC Magazine, calls Council Lead Partner Qualcomm "one of the most important companies driving the next generation of wireless communications." He focused on Qualcomm's push into LTE Advanced – and in particular LTE Direct which provides a new way for people to connect to each other, products, and services."  He quotes Matt Branda, staff manager of technical marketing at Qualcomm: "We believe that the next generation of mobile will empower new services by seamlessly connecting the physical world around us with the digital world stored inside our mobile devices and applications. Proximity services are at the core of this transformation, making users aware of what's happening around them at all times, changing how people socialize (e.g., friend/date finder), get discounts (e.g., local advertising, classifieds), and interact with people and things (e.g., waiting for an arriving bus)."

Australian utility selects S&C Electric energy storage solutions
The contract, awarded by Australian Utility Ergon Energy, is to provide 20 S&C PureWave Community Energy Storage Systems to improve the power reliability and efficiency on constrained single-wire high-voltage distribution lines, commonly known as single wire earth return (SWER) lines.  Ergon Energy will also be using S&C's IntelliTeam DEM Distributed Energy Management System to optimize and control the fleet of CES units throughout their SWER network. "This is a first for Ergon and Australia," said Ergon Chief Executive Ian McLeod. "Using a battery-based system in place of traditional network augmentation will not only deliver better value for Ergon and our customers, but it will help drive similar technology adoption on the electricity network." Council Lead Partner S&C also recently deployed storage systems at its Chicago headquarters, providing grid support for the PJM market.

Alstom Grid will help boost grid stability in Great Britain
The company won a contract from ScottishPower Transmission to develop and supply a monitoring solution designed to improve stability in Great Britain's electricity network. A report in the Energy Business Review suggests the project "intends to enhance transmission operation through enhanced risk mitigation and boundary transfer management as well as help manage increasing complexity of the network, such as penetration of renewable generation." The article quotes Alstom Grid Network Management Solutions VP Karim El Naggar: "Our ongoing success with ScottishPower Energy Networks and other likeminded progressive industry players gives us the opportunity to advance innovative solutions to address the challenges of increasing renewable energy in the supply mix." Alstom Grid is a Council Lead Partner.


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