Las Vegas Mobility Challenge Statements

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Tue, 2018-07-24 17:08 -- SCC Staff

Focus area: Mobility

Challenge statement

Southern Nevada’s population is currently just over 2 million residents and by 2045, it is projected to be close to 3 million.  Our roadways are already reaching capacity and we simply cannot continue to build more lanes to keep up with the demand.  In addition, our community continues to see traffic related fatalities with 78 pedestrian fatalities in 2017 (37% increase), 7 bicycle fatalities (40% increase), and 205 total traffic related fatalities (5% decrease).  Southern Nevada needs to maintain a high quality transportation network with modal options that is safe, convenient, sustainable, and efficient in order to be a community in which our residents and visitors want to live, work, and play.


  • Increase safety for people walking and biking;
  • Reduce improper crossings by people walking and biking.
  • Reduce vehicular crashes.  Main contributing factors are distracted driving, aggressive driving and excessive speeds, impaired driving, and intersection failure to yield.
  • Provide alternative modes of transportation for our residents and visitors such as transit, biking, or other modes as available (i.e. light rail and carshare models). 
  • Encourage use of alt. modes of transportation.
  • Provide seamless transitions between modal options using integrated apps or single payment system. 

Specific questions that can inform the discussion

  • How can a city leverage technology to increase the safety of those that drive, walk, and bike?
  • How can alternative transportation modes be encouraged and decrease the region’s auto-dependency?
  • How can the travel behaviors of people walking, biking, and driving be altered to increase safety?  (For example, the shortest route is not always the safest route.)
  • Are there any design or land use modifications that would facilitate use of alternative modes and increase road user safety?

Why is this important?

Mobility is key to the region’s prosperity, yet it has fallen behind other regions, many of which have invested in modern, world-class systems that support vibrant urban centers. Southern Nevada stands behind future investment in a multi-modal transportation system that is safe, efficient, accessible, equitable, and supports reinvestment in our existing communities in order to provide quality of life for our residents, attract new businesses for economic diversification, and continue to be a world-class tourist destination.

Additional background

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