Juniper ranks Barcelona the world's smartest city (find out why)

Fri, 2015-02-27 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

Calling Barcelona "an exciting model of success" that other cities can learn from, Juniper Research named Spain's second largest city No. 1 in its global smart cities rankings for 2015.

Juniper says its rankings stem from an analysis of each city’s ‘smart’ capabilities, with particular focus on:

    • Smart grid
    • Smart traffic management
    • Smart street lighting

Aspects such as technological capability and social cohesion are also taken into account, say the UK-based researchers.

Why Barcelona stands out
Barcelona, according to Juniper, "performed consistently well across all metrics and serves as an exciting model of success from which others can learn, bolstered by strong environmentally sustainable initiatives."

Following Barcelona in the Juniper rankings are:

2. New York City

3. London

4. Nice

5. Singapore

The researchers said other leading cities, such as New York and London, "still require greater emphasis on implementing environmentally positive projects, despite excelling in areas such as technological capability and a willingness to engage with citizens through open data."

Juniper’s latest report, Smart Cities: Strategies, Energy, Emissions & Cost Savings 2014-2019, has found that smart grid initiatives will achieve $10.7 billion savings annually by 2019 through a combination of reduced energy consumption and emissions reductions in smart cities. The reduced emissions are equivalent to those produced by the annual consumption of 130 million barrels of oil.

What makes Barcelona smart
Take a look at a few of the smart city initiatives that help make Barcelona a shining star in the smart cities realm:

  • Toward a self-sufficient Barcelona: Council Partners Schneider ElectricCisco and Microsoft were among those whose expertise helped Spain's second largest city realize its vision of “a self-sufficient city" by leveraging smart technologies. Read the case study >
  • Making profitability a priority: Barcelona was one of the world's most unprofitable cities until it started looking at areas where it was losing a lot of money, says Chris White of Cisco. Today it is one of the world's most profitable cities – thanks in part to the Internet of Things. Read about the turn-around >
  • Barcelona deploys Big Data BI solution to improve lives: Barcelona leaders wanted better insight into government effectiveness. To achieve this, they needed a solution that could collect and analyze data from its systems and new public sources such as social media and GPS signals. Read what they did >
  • Even its airport is smart: Wonderware software is helping the company that manages operations at Barcelona's El Prat Airport run a smart airport -- one that is intelligent, able to manage its infrastructures and always self-aware. Watch this video >

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