Jacksonville web tool lets citizens track city performance

Wed, 2014-04-09 06:00 -- Doug Cooley

What’s the average rescue response time for the city of Jacksonville fire department? According to JaxScore 1.0, the Florida city's new web tool, it's precisely 8:08 minutes. 

Jacksonville's web addition provides performance scorecards for various city operations. The tool lets citizens go online to find out how well various city departments, divisions and offices are performing on key priorities. 

“JaxScore is about making our city government more efficient, effective and responsive to community needs,” said Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown in announcing the JaxScore launch. “It’s about being focused on clear goals and measurable results. It’s also about being transparent and accountable, so citizens can see how their city is performing. Some people call it data-driven government. I just call it smart government.”

JaxScore 1.0 will give residents important information about where the city's departments, divisions and independent agencies are focused, how well they’re doing, and where efforts need to be supported. Information on the dashboard will be updated quarterly, empowering taxpayers with an increased understanding of city operations.

In November, the Center for Digital Government ranked Jacksonville third nationally among city governments for its innovative uses of information and communication technology. The Jacksonville performance website points to a key smart city development: revolutionizing people’s relationship with their government. By providing instant, electronic access to the information people need, the services they require, and the interaction they want with officials, cities can build citizen trust and satisfaction. The Smart Cities Readiness Guide -- free with your one-time SCC registration -- examines this idea in more detail.