IoT Evolution: AT&T joins Smart Cities Council, continues investing in industry leadership

Mon, 2015-10-05 11:35 -- SCC Staff
Writing for IoT Evolution World, Ken Briodagh highlights AT&T's announcement that it is continuing its leadership in the smart cities space by joining the Smart Cities Council and working with the Dallas Innovation Alliance. Read an excerpt from the IoT Evolution article below and click here to read the full report.


As the biggest player in the IoT Connectivity world, AT&T has a vested interest in doing everything it can to expand the reach of the IoT. To further that mission, and show its continued leadership of the space, the company on September 14 at Smart Cities Week announced it has joined the Smart Cities Council.

As part of its membership, the company will join in the members’ efforts to design and manage projects that will build smart cities around the world.

“The Smart Cities Council seeks to advance the livability, workability and sustainability of the world’s cities,” said Jesse Berst, chairperson, Smart Cities Council. “Cities cannot achieve those ambitious goals without robust Internet of Things technologies like those pioneered by AT&T. We thank them and welcome them to our family of world-class, collaborative smart city suppliers.”