Inside Look: What smart cities were buying and planning in November 2019

Tue, 2019-11-19 10:37 -- SCC Staff
by Nick Schiffler
Companies looking to supply smart cities with products or services have plenty of opportunities available across the country. As more local governments begin investing in the smart cities movement, companies in the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace have the chance to take advantage. 
Here are 10 smart city projects from the past month that were awarded to a vendor, or put out to bid, or included in future spending plans.
Recent Contract Awards
GovWin IQ tracks government projects through their entire lifecycle, including contract award announcements. Here are s three examples of the kinds of “smart” projects that have recently been awarded to vendors by cities across the U.S. 
Green Streets and Infrastructure – City of New York, NY
New York has awarded A.R. Brothers Construction Corp a $3M contract to construct green streets and green infrastructure elements in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. 
Wastewater Treatment and Electrical Upgrade – City of Iowa City, IA
Iowa City recently agreed to a contract estimated at $1.5M with Woodruff Construction, LLC for installing enhanced, up-to-date wastewater treatment backup generation and electrical distribution.
Hosting Services – City of San Antonio, TX
San Antonio came to a 3-year agreement worth $365K with eThink Education, LLC to fulfill the city’s requirement for hosting services for a learning management system (LMS).
Currently Open Bids and RFPs
Bids and RFPs are the bread and butter of government contracting. These smart city projects are a few examples of the kinds of contracts agencies have recently put out to bid. 
Data and Voice Services – City of Houston, TX
Houston’s information technology services department has released a bidding opportunity for qualified providers of telecommunication data and voice services.
Automated Parking Management – Town of Nantucket, MA
Nantucket, through its Town Administration, is requesting proposals for an automated parking management system, and installation and maintenance of associated parking pay stations.
Fiber Optic Communication – City of Wichita, KS 
Wichita is requesting a bid from qualified vendors to install a fiber optic communication line in an existing conduit, and must test all strands of fiber that are installed.
Electric Vehicles – City of Saratoga Springs, NY
Saratoga Springs is aiming to reduce its overall carbon footprint, and the city is receiving bids to provide it with specific new and unused electric vehicles. 
Future Budgets and Spending Plans
Companies interested in selling smart products or services can be alerted to future opportunities by finding potential projects within agency budgets and capital spending plans. For local governments, this same information reveals what their peers are planning.
High-Capacity Transitway – City of Alexandria, VA
Alexandria has included more than $12M in its Capital Improvement Plan between 2021 and 2023 to fund the design and eventual construction of a high-capacity mass transit route.
High-Speed Internet Connectivity – City of San Francisco, CA
San Francisco aims to spend $1M through 2029 to expand infrastructure supporting high-speed internet communications, such as fiber backhaul, satellites, and wireless networks. 
Citywide Signal Improvement Upgrade – City of Temecula, CA
Temecula is budgeting $946K from now until 2020 to install ADA compliant pedestrian equipment and upgrade traffic signal controllers to improve safety and operations. 
Nick Schiffler is a business-to-government (B2G) market analyst and content marketer for GovWin from Deltek. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest government market insights.