Inside Look: What cities are buying and planning

Thu, 2017-01-26 15:21 -- SCC Partner

As you’re developing your smart cities plans, it’s sometimes helpful to see what other cities — perhaps your neighbors — are doing. Each month, Onvia gives us an inside look at what cities are doing through the largest contracts they award and the proposals they request.

There are a couple of trends to note. Cities are making big investments smart metering and city-wide, high-speed communications. And street lighting remains a hot area, too. (In fact, we’re publishing a smart street lighting Special Theme Edition next week; make sure you’re on our mailing list.) — Kevin Ebi

By Nick, Schiffler, Onvia

Here are 10 smart city projects from the past month that were awarded to a vendor, recently put out to bid or included in an agency’s future spending plan:

Recent Contract Awards
Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) tracks government projects through their entire lifecycle, all the way until each contract is actually awarded. These three historical contract awards provide examples of the kinds of “smart” projects that have recently been awarded.  

Purchase of Multi-Space Pay-to-Park Kiosks – City of Flagstaff, AZ
The Flagstaff city council recently approved the award of a $650,000 contract for multi-space “smart” parking meter payment kiosks to Parkeon, Inc.

Computer Hardware, Panasonic Tough Tablets & Accessories – City of St. Petersburg, FL
St. Petersburg awarded a contract valued at $301,951 to CDW Government LLC for the purchase of Panasonic Toughpad business tablets and associated accessories.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Software – City of Austin, TX
The City of Austin awarded Chargepoint, Inc. $420,000, 36-month contract to provide plug-in electric vehicle charging station software, as well as additional support services.

Currently Open Bids and RFPs
Bids and RFPs are the bread and butter of government contracting. These smart city projects are a few examples of the kinds of contracts agencies have recently put out to bid.

LED Street Light Fixtures Installation – City of San Clemente, CA
This bid calls for a company to convert more than 750 street light fixtures to LED lights, and includes the supply of photocells, fuses and fuse holders.

Sensus Low Lead Water Meters – City of Oneida, NY
The City of Oneida is seeking Sensus Water Meters, a water meter reading system that allows for easy collection, consumption and distribution of water data.

Broadband Services Network – Town of Monterey, MA
Monterey is looking for a vendor to provide a town-wide, high-speed broadband services network, as well as potentially adding fiber-based connectivity to currently buildable lots in the town.

Security Cameras and Data Cabling – Katy Independent School District, TX
Katy ISD has put out a bid for the supply and installation of security camera systems and data cabling at various district high schools.

Future Leads in Budgets and Spending Plans
Companies interested in selling smart products or services can get the most foresight by finding potential projects within agency budgets and capital spending plans. These projects were found in Onvia’s B2GIS and provide vendors with forward visibility to make more strategic decisions.

Smart Grid Technology Installation – City of Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto – no stranger to technology, as the home of Stanford University – has budgeted $13,145,880 over the next three years to implement portions of their “Smart Grid Road Map” to improve the city’s electric, gas and water utility systems.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project – City of Lake Oswego, OR
Lake Oswego is building a smart water network for capturing hourly meter readings and detecting leaks and tampering. They have allocated $3,600,000 to be spent through 2020 for this purpose.

Internet Infrastructure – City of Battle Creek, MI
As a part of their Capital Improvement Plan, the City of Battle Creek recently allocated $1,300,000 from 2017-19 to be spent on high speed optic fiber internet infrastructure.

Nick Schiffler is a business-to-government (B2G) market analyst and content marketer for Onvia, leading commerce intelligence at the core of the B2G marketplace. Follow Onvia on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest government market insights.