Improving livability: How electronic medical records will transform healthcare in Qatar

Wed, 2015-07-15 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

Council Lead Partner Ooredoo's new Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System (EMR) works through a dedicated connection to give Qatar's healthcare community a way to efficiently handle patient information. The service is intended to give doctors, clinics and healthcare and dental offices a selection of solutions that need no software or IT staff to operate – and to help them enhance their profitability.

As the Council's Smart Cities Readiness Guide points out, electronic records allow coordination of patient care between clinicians. They also help control the administrative cost of delivering care. All of these are essentials in smart healthcare and certainly in smart cities that are proactive about enhancing livability for their residents.

Convenient, automated services 
A leading communications company,  Ooredoo is working with CloudClinik to provide the new service which, the companies promise, will enable medical professionals to securely and effectively manage large amounts of patient data and perform related tasks conveniently.

"The launch of our new EMR and Practice Management solution will deliver immediate benefits for physicians, patients and the whole community," said Waleed al-Sayed, Ooredoo's chief operations officer. The service is hosted at Ooredoo's data center, and through it will provide CloudClinik's package of features that includes online and walk-in patient registration, appointment tracking, e-prescriptions, insurance claims processing and more.

The benefits of electronic medical records
Healthcare providers are moving away from paper-based records systems in favor of electronic records for a number of reasons, according to the Readiness Guide. When a doctor sees a patient for an exam, the information can be immediately entered into fields on a computer screen. And once that information has been recorded, it can be easily shared and managed.

Read more about how advances in information and communications technolo­gies are transforming the delivery of health services in powerful ways in the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, available for download by registered members of the Smart Cities Council. Not registered? You can join by filling out a quick, one-time registration form. There is no cost.


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