IEEE: 23 technologies that could make 2022 look a whole lot different

Fri, 2014-09-05 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

A fascinating report from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society – CS 2022 – explores the future technology landscape and identifies 23 technologies the authors believe could change the world eight years from now. (IEEE is a member of the Council's Advisory Board.)

The IEEE Computer Society says its report is intended to predict the future disruptive technologies, aid researchers in understanding the future impact of various technologies, and help people understand where technology is evolving.

"These technologies, tied into what we call seamless intelligence, present a view of the future," said IEEE Computer Society President Dejan Milojicic, who led creation of the report. "Technology is the enabler. What humanity takes out of it really depends on human society."

So which technologies did they identify?

      1. Security cross-cutting issues
      2. Open intellectual prop­erty movement
      3. Sustainability
      4. Massively online open courses
      5. Quantum computing
      6. Device and nanotechnology
      7. 3D integrated circuits
      8. Multicore
      9. Pho­tonics
      10. Universal memory
      11. Networking and interconnectivity
      12. Software-defined networks
      13. High-performance computing
      14. Cloud computing
      15. Internet of Things
      16. Natural user interfac­es
      17. 3D printing
      18. Big data and analytics
      19. Machine learning and intelligent systems
      20. Computer vision and pattern recognition
      21. Life sciences
      22. Computational biology and bioinformatics
      23. Robotics for medical care

The report's authors include Hasan Alkhatib of SSN Services LLC; Paolo Faraboschi of HP Labs, Spain; Eita Frachtenberg of Facebook; Hironori Kasahara of Waseda University; Danny Lange of Microsoft; Phil Laplante of Pennsylvania State University; Arif Merchant of Google; Dejan Milojicic of HP Labs, Palo Alto, and Karsten Schwan of GaTech.

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