IBM expands health care portfolio to drive faster advances and improve care

Fri, 2015-09-11 06:00 -- SCC Staff

A new suite of tools to improve health care analytics could dramatically improve health care, both by bringing new discoveries to market faster and by better treating patients with chronic conditions.

Council Lead Partner IBM is expanding its health care portfolio with a new cloud-based services, care management technology and partnerships.

Speeding health care innovation
One new offering, the IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance, is designed to free medical researchers from some of their regulatory burden so they can concentrate on the discoveries themselves. The idea is to help bring new practices, medications and other advances to patients faster.

IBM says the cloud service includes a number of on-demand offerings that help streamline the regulatory process. It says the solution allows researchers to build an infrastructure to manage the regulatory process in a compliant manner in just a matter of hours, something that could take months or more if they had to do it on their own.

A focus on the individual
IBM Watson Care Manager, meanwhile, is designed to improve care for individual patients. It integrates with other services, such as Apple's HealthKit and ResearchKit, to help researchers personalize the treatment and the approach they are using on study patients.

Broad industry support
A long list of partners have already committed to IBM's health care platform. Sage Bionetworks and Teva Pharmaceuticals will use Watson Health Cloud as their preferred development platform. Other partners include Boston Children’s Hospital, Columbia University, ICON plc, CVS Health, Medtronic and Yale University.

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