How technology, Cisco and Schneider Electric will help Alexandria, VA be more resilient

Tue, 2014-12-23 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Alexandria, Virginia has been selected by the Chesapeake Crescent Initiative (CCI) for its second "Safe + Smart Cities" pilot program. At no cost to its taxpayers, Alexandria will soon learn how to harden its resiliency and maximize its operational performance through the efficient use of technology. Council Lead Partners Cisco and Schneider Electric are involved in the CCI initiative.

"It's hard to imagine that 99% of the physical world is not connected to the Internet," said Clifford J. Thomas, Managing Director of Cisco. "But cities can now act as hubs for the 'Internet of Everything,' where people, things, data and processes can be connected to deliver new and amazing value for citizens."

Supporting technological innovation
CCI is a public-private collaborative founded six years ago to support technological innovation. Its Safe + Smart Cities coalition comprises a group of world-class experts from technology industries, academia, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the law and the financial sector.

Its first pilot was conducted in Newark, Delaware where CCI is now finalizing its "blueprint" for Newark containing a variety of practical recommendations, such as increasing electric grid resiliency and system redundancy. CCI also is linking communities similarly situated to Newark, together so that the lessons learned from the blueprint might have a larger impact on the region. 

Helping visionary communities
Through its pilot projects, the coalition provides pro-bono expertise and recommendations to selected municipalities. The recommendations are intended to provide pragmatic and feasible options to help visionary urban communities achieve or exceed their "safe and smart" objectives while also increasing global competitiveness, sustaining regional economic growth and improving citizens' lives.

"Alexandria is pleased and honored to be selected as a participant in CCI's pilot program," said Alexandria Mayor William Euille. "We believe the benefits we will gain in collaboration and partnership with the consulting team will enable our city to enhance its sustainability, resilience and smart cities commitment toward our future growth and success."

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