How partnerships and interoperability help you progress faster

Tue, 2016-09-06 12:51 -- SCC Partner

Cities often have big ideas, but a lack of resources and expertise can hold them back. But there is a path over those obstacles: partner-created, interoperable applications. It’s a path that’s working for many cities.

Current, powered by GE, will demonstrate applications at Smart Cities Week. You can read on for a preview, but, better yet, register today to see them in person in Washington, D.C. — Jesse Berst

Most cities could benefit from a more intelligent infrastructure, but even when city officials pursue improved operations and expanded smart city functionality, they often find additional expertise is needed to develop and deploy new technology.

In fact, physical infrastructure improvements are just the beginning—most smart city benefits are derived from system-integrated, sensor-enabled software applications designed by technology companies with expertise in niche areas. As a result, those who work within an interoperable smart city platform that features an ecosystem of partner-created applications will be best positioned to realize strong results from their investments.

What sort of applications are we talking about? The possibilities are practically endless, and many new smart city applications are still being dreamed up and designed at offices and hackathons across the country. That said, here are a few examples of applications integrated into the smart cities software platform developed by Current, powered by GE:

  • BreezoMeter technology measures air quality via sensors mounted on LED street light fixtures, identifying pollution levels and providing data useful for measuring progress toward clean air goals.
  • CivicSmart technology provides data regarding on-street space occupancy, which cities can use to optimize parking enforcement and better understand parking utilization levels.
  • INRIX technology makes it easier for drivers to find a parking spot in the city by providing data gathered by intelligent fixtures to operators of connected cars.
  • PTV Group technology allows cities to reduce traffic congestion with adaptive traffic management tools and roadway utilization reporting.
  • Genetec technology harnesses video management software and intelligent fixture-mounted cameras to help city officials enhance public safety and respond more efficiently to emergencies.
  • Motionloft technology monitors traffic, delivering real-time vehicle and pedestrian counts that allow city leaders to draw meaningful insights when planning to improve citizen experiences.
  • Ruckus technology utilizes intelligent street light fixtures as Wi-Fi connection points for all citizens.
  • ShotSpotter technology integrated with intelligent fixtures detects and locates gunshots in real time, providing data to law enforcement for rapid response.
  • Soofa technology helps cities understand where to leverage solar-powered benches for mobile phone charging or solar-powered signage for content-specific messaging.

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Collaboration with thought leaders like these allows us to ensure that those pursuing a smart city have easy access to robust intelligence functionality as they progress toward their vision. Interested in learning more? Visit the Current, powered by GE, booth at Smart Cities Week to speak with smart city experts and technology partner representatives.