How Opower helps Baltimore residents get smarter about energy

Wed, 2014-01-15 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

Council Associate Partner Opower launched its Behavioral Demand Response (BDR) solution with Baltimore Gas & Electric in July. Unlike traditional demand response programs that rely on devices in customers’ homes, Opower BDR allows utilities to quickly deploy a cost-effective demand response capability across their entire residential customer base.

Opower BDR leverages smart meter data to deliver personalized insights to each customer through their communication channel of choice, and motivates them to reduce usage during times of peak power demand, such as hot days when air conditioner use is high.

How did the program fare this past summer? An overwhelming majority -- 82% -- of the 315,000 customers in the program benefited, earning an average of $9 on each of four events. And the program registered 75% in customer satisfaction for its first year.

Meanwhile, a Navigant Research Leaderboard report released last month says the Arlington, VA-based company leads the home energy management market in both strategy and execution.

"Opower, which has developed a suite of technology solutions that resonate with utility goals to engage residential customers and help them reach their goals of becoming more energy efficient, emerged as the sole leader in this report," Navigant said in announcing the report. "In addition, Opower has been able to extend its products to clients in Europe, and a recent deal in Japan with TEPCO gives it a foothold in the Asia Pacific region."