How Microsoft is winning smart cities business in Brazil

Wed, 2013-09-04 06:00 -- Jesse Berst

BNAmericas is out with a short item on a big Brazilian win for Microsoft's CityNext initiative. On the surface, it would seem that Microsoft merely sold the state of Mina Gerais a bunch of products, including Sharepoint, SQL Server, Hyper-V and Windows 8.

But Microsoft has been selling software to governments for 20 years. What's different is that part of the deal called for Microsoft to build Big Data applications to run on that software. They did the project in partnership with a local firm, Allen.

That seems like a formula worth emulating. Lead with solutions, custom-tailored to the market by local talent. What kind of solutions? Big Data applications are certainly front and center in the minds of many city leaders.

To read more about the ways Microsoft – a Smart Cities Council Lead Partner -- is helping this Brazilian state deliver better government services (while also keeping closer tabs on employee performance), jump to the Microsoft blog: "Brazil awes citizens with fast, efficient services." -- Jesse Berst


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