How data helps Toronto cut traffic congestion (and keep its roads safe)

This information provided by Smart Cities Council North America.
Thu, 2017-05-18 13:26 -- SCC Partner

It's great when a city has a reputation for being among the best places to live. Business is booming and the economy is growing. But more people also create more traffic headaches. The blog post below describes a solution from Council Partner HERE that is helping the city of Toronto maintain its livability by alleviating traffic congestion, keeping roads safe and cutting pollution. Is this a solution your city should consider? Read the blog excerpt below and click the link at the end for the entire post. — Doug Peeples

Named in several best-places-to-live lists, Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in North America and has become densely populated. More people means more congestion, and though there is a range of transport options, HERE is helping with a continued effort to create smarter systems.

Toronto wants to be a “city that moves” and understands that transportation must be a core effort in becoming smarter. The city’s Big Data Innovation Team is using HERE real-time and historical traffic data to alleviate traffic and optimize all means of getting around and enable safe road networks. Turning big data into insights will also reduce pollution. Read more >>

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