How can I accelerate economic development in my city?

Sun, 2015-03-22 16:35 -- SCC Staff

Cities that embrace today’s technology trends are attracting businesses, entrepreneurs and workers who thrive in the digital world. In this collection of articles and resources, you’ll discover the various ways technology is enhancing the workability of cities. High-speed Internet connectivity, mobile apps, cloud services and clean energy are among the highlighted solutions. Scroll to the end for financing ideas.


Smarter tourism: What are these cities doing right?
Cities now offer mobile apps that help travelers navigate their streets, interactive bus shelters with smartphone chargers, and readily available bicycles that make it easy to get around. MORE>

Economic development is as close as your smartphone
More and more cities are creating web and mobile applications designed to help citizens find jobs, promote tourism and to boost economic development. MORE>

Hamburg, Germany's big vision: A smart city and a smart port
City officials are developing the Port of Hamburg into a smart port to increase the efficiency of the current infrastructure and quality of services. MORE>

Study links best in class transportation to city economic growth
This article calls attention to The Mobility Opportunity study, which quantifies the economic benefits that investments in transportation can bring cities. MORE>

Want gigabit connectivity now? Here’s how
Super-fast, high-capacity broadband networks are considered essential to economic growth, job creation and competitiveness. This article offers seven ideas for cities eager to establish gigabit connectivity. MORE>

Smart city apps that give local businesses a shout out
Learn about three smart city apps that demonstrate how cities large and small are using smartphone capabilities to promote local businesses. MORE>

"Cities can do these things!" New Bedford mayor tells smart cities forum
Mayor Jon Mitchell of New Bedford, Massachusetts talks about how his city is carving a niche in the nation's green economy -- and the job-creation benefits that come with that. MORE>

How a Mongolian city is using the cloud to get to the future
Tongliao City is taking advantage of cloud computing, networking and other advanced information technologies to help stimulate economic growth in the region. MORE>

Mayor gets serious about video games to build a better Buffalo
Buffalo launched a video game development contest that aims to teach skills that lead to meaningful employment, highlight the importance of workplace diversity and promote the city. MORE>

Case studies

Nice: the first contactless city in France
The French government is promoting contactless payment cards as a faster, more convenient alternative for low-cost purchases. MORE>

City of Charlotte Facilitates Tourism Planning Processes with Event Permitting Solution
Read about a cloud-based solution that supports city tourism by automating and streamlining event permitting. MORE>

Buenos Aires Launches Initiative to Support Investors, Generate Jobs
Buenos Aires officials launch a new department and software solution dedicated to working with businesses that want to locate or relocate in the city. MORE>

City Transforms Economic Sustainability with Public Cloud
South Korea's second largest city deploys a smart solution and public cloud infrastructure to stimulate job creation and business growth. MORE>

A Planning Roadmap for Intelligent Cities: Revitalizing a Commercial District
This case study from URENIO Research focuses on the smart technologies required to foster smart commercial districts and an innovation ecosystem. MORE>


How Smart Cities Will Transform Business
Billions of devices are connecting in the Internet of Things, bringing revolutionary changes to cities. This Fortune Magazine video discusses what it means for business and sustainability. MORE >

Cashless Pioneer Mauro Joppert from Copacabana Beach, Brazil
This video highlights a Rio de Janeiro food kiosk owner whose business was transformed when he was able to accept electronic payments on Copacabana beach. MORE>

White papers

Smart City Framework: A Systematic Process for Enabling Smart+Connected Communities
City leaders and community participants looking for guidance on how to move the smart city discussion into a call for action will find useful advice in this paper. MORE>

Delivering the Vision: Gabon Infrastructure Project
This white paper highlights Bechtel's multi-year partnership with the government of Gabon to support the country’s progressive programs and vision towards economic growth. MORE>

Financing resources

Finding the smart technologies that will make cities more livable, workable and sustainable is the easy part. Paying for them is typically more challenging. The resources linked below can help.