How 8 cities are reinventing civic tech

Wed, 2015-06-17 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Code for America (CfA) revealed its latest lineup of apps from eight cities working with CfA technologists in this year's fellowship program.

CfA partners with 8-10 local governments each year to develop innovative digital approaches to delivering key public services across health, economic development and safety and justice.

Still works in progress halfway through the program, the apps under way in cities from Pittsburgh to West Sacramento are tackling challenges cities everywhere face. Below are a few examples as described by

  • Albuquerque has a team focused on building a platform that allows low-income citizens to avoid predatory lenders by providing education about free city services and access to low-interest lenders.
  • Pittsburgh's team is taking on procurement, with a web app that advertises city opportunities to area businesses as well as apps to help staff navigate procurement processes and manage contracts.
  • West Sacramento has a team that wants to promote urban farming and eliminate food deserts with an app that connects farmers with urban land and advertises local produce to residents.

Hear about all the apps in progress – including CfA work underway with the cities mentioned above plus Vallejo, CA, Somerville, MA, Miami-Dade County, Richmond, VA and Indianapolis – in the video below.

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