GCN: 5 steps to jumpstart your city's cloud

Fri, 2014-02-14 11:02 -- SCC Staff

Jesse BerstGCN interviews Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst on how cities large and small can benefit from cloud computing. Here's an excerpt:

“The cloud is what lets cities big and small leapfrog to the state of the art, without having to go through a very painful process to get there,” said Jesse Berst, chairman of the Smart Cities Council.

“We’re seeing the smart city approach being taken up across the spectrum, from small to big cities. But there’s no way that small- and medium-sized cities in particular could afford to do this by themselves.”

Cities such as Hartford, Conn., Dubuque, Iowa and Carson City, Nev., are all examples of smaller places that have become very smart and that are using cloud-based services extensively, he said.

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