FutureStructure: What it takes to become a smart city

Wed, 2014-03-19 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Meeting of the Minds hosted a March 12, 2014 smart cities webinar featuring Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst along with Russ Vanos, a senior vice president with Council Global Partner Itron, and Jason Zogg, and urban planner with Detroit's DTE Energy. Below are a few highlights from the webinar, as reported by FutureStructure.

Jesse Berst:  “We really are at the cusp of a new age. Not just where cities will be more livable but also much more sustainable. And not just more sustainable but also much more prosperous – cities that will give citizens the tools they need to succeed and prosper. And that’s all possible thanks to smart technologies.”

Russ Vanos: “The way we manage energy and water will define this century. It’s really never been more imperative when you consider the mass urbanization of the world’s cities and you think about the resulting strains that places on city services, in particularly electricity, gas and water.”

Jason Zogg: “If you really want to move smart cities forward in your city I really advocate using the urban planning community as champions. My profession is, I often say, one of the most multi-disciplinary out there. We’re trained to see at a very high level how all city systems work together simultaneously, to be able to simultaneously evaluate the impacts of something on one system and another system and the long-term impacts…We’re trained to literally see the interconnections and the patterns of interaction and how it’s developed in public policy.”

You can read the full FutureStructure report here and obtain the slide deck and archive recording of the webinar here