Enel partners with Chinese telecom on renewables, smart grids, e-mobility

Fri, 2014-12-05 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Council Lead Partner Enel is partnering with one of China’s leading telecommunications equipment and systems companies in a collaboration that could result in new innovations for renewable energy, smart grids and electric mobility.

The partnership with ZTE Corporation is described as a framework agreement. Enel, which is Italy’s largest power company, is also a leading supplier of integrated systems for power and gas markets in Europe and Latin America. ZTE, meanwhile, has a strong foothold in the information technology sector.

The two will work together on three key areas:

    • Renewables. The companies will look for ways to combine ZTE’s IT solutions with Enel’s offerings to improve reliability in renewable energy systems.
    • Electric mobility. They will share information relating to the technologies they have developed for vehicle charging. They will also look for opportunities to work together to produce joint solutions.
    • Smart grids. The two will work to find joint business opportunities based on Enel’s technology.

One of their first joint projects will be a hybrid solar-wind power plant in Chile. The innovative 232 kW off-grid plant will also feature an energy storage system. Through the partnership, the companies will work on ways to optimize the plant, as well as uncover opportunities to develop similar facilities elsewhere.

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