Enel builds smart city to power Expo Milano

Tue, 2015-05-05 13:22 -- SCC Staff

As Expo Milano 2015 gets under way in Milan, Italy, Council Lead Partner Enel is finishing up the installation of technologies that will provide power for the cities of the future – and it couldn’t be more appropriate. The Expo’s theme focuses on sustainable and efficient food and energy production for urban environments, and the Italian utility’s contribution -- the network that will provide power for the event and its pavilions -- is a model of what that future is expected to look like.

Running from May 1 through Oct. 31, the Expo is expected to draw 100,000 people. To illustrate the magnitude of Enel’s undertaking, here are some of the pertinent numbers:

  • 75 megawatts of installed capacity
  • 1 million kilowatt hours of daily power consumption
  • 100 medium-voltage substations to provide power to pavilions
  • 100 EV charging stations
  • 8,500 Archilede LED lights for the exhibition area (which will reduce energy use by about 36%)

The network also will include a 270 kilowatt energy storage system, a smart grid operations center and a showroom for visitors.

The Expo smart grid
The smart grid includes a closed loop medium-voltage network capable of identifying and isolating possible equipment failures to avert any power interruptions, and an advanced remote control and protection system. Individual pavilions have their own energy management systems that will allow visitors to see and interact with the technology that manages and monitors the power generated from renewable energy sources and how it is stored.

Enel’s interactive pavilion is housed in an illuminated virtual forest where visitors will be able to see the smart city control center and learn how it and the combined technologies work.

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