EDF Energy Exchange: New ‘smart cities’ guide helps leaders plan for a sustainable future

Fri, 2014-02-14 11:42 -- SCC Staff

Writing on the EDF Energy Exchange blog, Kate Zerrenner reviews the energy and water chapters of the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. Here is a brief excerpt from her review:

Cities today face an unprecedented amount of challenges. Transportation gridlock, water shortages and a changing energy landscape are just a few that are expected to worsen if cities do not plan ahead. According to the founding Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst, the world’s largest 700 cities are projected to invest $30-40 trillion into their infrastructure over the next 20 years. Although only in its first iteration, the Smart Cities Council Readiness Guide Version 1.0 is a fantastic planning tool to help these cities begin thinking about how best to invest their funds toward a smart city future.

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If you haven't downloaded the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, you can get it here. Note: as a premium resource, it is available only to registered members of the Council. You can become a member by completing a free, one-time registration.  Learn more >>