EC funds new smart city energy management platform

Thu, 2013-09-19 06:00 -- Jesse Berst

neighborhood-scale energy managementThe European Commission is spending 4 million euros to fund a three-year project to create a neighborhood-scale energy management platform. Described as a "service platform," the system will be piloted first in Seville, Spain followed by Lizzanello, Italy and Cambridge, UK.

Personally, I am less interested in the project's technical goals, since we have numerous energy management platforms already at work. To name just one example, Council Lead Partner Microsoft is underway on a smart buildings pilot for downtown Seattle inspired by the smart buildings pilot already implemented on Microsoft’s Redmond campus

What may ultimately prove more useful are the EC's efforts to also test new business models, including ways to connect customers who want to implement energy efficiency with suppliers who can deliver such programs. -- Jesse Berst

As a story at explains, the initiative is called DAREED (Decision support Advisor for innovative business models and useR engagement for smart Energy Efficient Districts).  Its objective is to develop a service platform and tools to foster energy efficiency and low-carbon activities in smart cities across Europe.

It is also expected to introduce new business models.

“DAREED will develop and integrate new technologies to offer a comprehensive energy management solution that can open new possibilities, and involve all stakeholders, from citizens to businesses and governments,” said José Luis Calvo, president of Seville-based Isotrol, which is the project coordinator.


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