Deloitte's tech-focused Conquering Cancer XPRIZE dubbed ready to launch

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An estimated 36% of cancer that occurs around the world today is preventable – as is the pain and suffering that goes along with it. Council Lead Partner Deloitte is determined to change that with a ' platform' to drive collaboration and develop an early diagnosis cancer screening tool. Read more about Deloitte's Conquering Cancer XPRIZE competition – officially pronounced 'ready to launch' at the recent XPRIZE Visioneers 2016 Summit. Learn how bright minds in your community -- from physicians, researchers and patients to garage tinkerers and citizen scientists -- can be part of the effort.

A group of 250 mentors, composed of prominent corporate and political leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, technologists and scientists, evaluated and critiqued nine XPRIZE proposals at the summit earlier this month.

XPRIZE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit known for designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve some of the world's toughest challenges.

One of those -- saving millions of lives globally from cancer -- is a step closer to reality as Deloitte's Conquering Cancer XPRIZE, co-led by Deloitte health leaders and pediatric oncologist Dr. Daniel Kraft, was officially deemed 'ready to launch' at the summit.

That means Deloitte can now pursue the creation of its XPRIZE intended to incent the development of an early diagnosis cancer screening tool – similar to a pregnancy test – to detect cancer early for everyone, everywhere.

Help for all – from Tennessee to Tanzania
"The team's prize design is based on a ''-type platform to connect the ecosystem of researchers, managed care organizations, survivors, patients and physicians with nontraditional ones such as the consumer products industry, inventors and garage tinkerers," said Beth Meagher, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and a Conquering Cancer XPRIZE team leader. "The platform can drive collaboration and break down silos as well as provide access to resources for rapid prototyping and aligns incentives with a substantial purse for the winning XPRIZE team."

"This XPRIZE will catalyze the crowd from expected and unexpected places," added Kraft. "From biotechnologists to DIY makers, data scientists and engineers can come together and collaborate while leveraging new technologies, systems and mindsets to develop novel ways of detecting cancers rapidly, at low-cost, for everyone on the planet, from Tennessee to Tanzania."

"Today, we have 21st century cancer treatments with 20th century cancer detection," said Juergen Klenk, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and a Conquering Cancer XPRIZE team leader. "Imagine the reduction in deaths and suffering if everyone, everywhere had access to 21st century cancer detection -- that's how we can conquer cancer. The XPRIZE Visioneers 2016 Summit galvanized a diverse and creative team and we are proud of what we've accomplished so far."

Using exponential technologies 
"The magic of our approach is the bringing together of some of the best minds in cancer detection with citizen scientists, ethnographers, and anyone from any background with a talent willing to make a contribution – and a difference," said Asif Dhar, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and a Conquering Cancer XPRIZE team leader. "We would expect participants of our challenge to use exponential technologies that are ready and available -- such as nanoscience, genomics, to artificial intelligence to smartphones and beyond."

Deloitte's efforts are aligned with the Cancer Moonshot launched earlier this year by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, which is focused on making a decade of progress in preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer in five years. VP Biden recently delivered a progress update, which included Deloitte's initiative.

Click here for details on next steps and joining the Conquering Cancer XPRIZE competition.


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