Civic Resource Group Int'l adds smart parking to its digital portfolio

Fri, 2015-08-07 06:00 -- SCC Staff

"CRG doesn't build one-off applications such as standalone parking apps that don't connect to anything else ... and inevitably become stale," explained Dr. Gregory G. Curtin in announcing Civic Resource Group International's new CivicConnect™ Parking. "We place major value on connecting the various smart city components -- transportation and public transit, arts and culture, utilities, tourism and local businesses, regional planning, city services, etc. -- and creating new mobile user experiences while simultaneously providing cities with better data and more efficient service delivery."

CivicConnect Parking is the latest addition to Council Associate Partner CRG's expanding portfolio of digital city services. For example, just last month CRG announced CivicAR™, which brings the power of augmented reality to cities.

Simplifying parking
The point of CivicConnect Parking is to streamline and simplify public and private parking in cities for residents, workers and visitors with real-time parking information in specific areas. For example, the product was successfully implemented in San Diego where ParkItDTSD is simplifying parking for those who visit, live and work in downtown San Diego, for example downtown. San Diego, for example, has implemented

CRG says CivicConnect Parking is fully adaptable as a web portal, mobile and native app and features location-aware mapping and alerts, visuals, filtering tools, GIS integration and provides administrative graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for local parking operators.

Created specifically for public agency management of parking assets and data, CRG says the app can be easily extended to connect other urban mobility components such as public transit, rideshare and bike share, events and local business promotion.

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