City of Lights becomes City of LEDs (and paves the way to a smarter future)

Wed, 2015-04-15 06:00 -- Jesse Berst

The announcement below from Silver Spring Networks is another example of the company's strong push into street lighting. It also carries messages for cities and for other smart city suppliers. First, smart street lights are about way more than energy-efficient LEDs. They're about all the other things you can do with a street light when you're out there swapping out the bulbs. Like install a canopy communications network. Like put in video surveillance and informational kiosks downtown. Like proximity sensors to reduce light levels when no one's around, thereby saving even more money. 

As a result, smart street lights are emerging as a favorite on-ramp to a smart city. If you're a city, better start shopping around. This is something that can pay for itself in just a few years while providing savings and other benefits for decades. If you're a supplier, better start figuring out how your products and services can play nicely with the canopy networks now starting to pop up all over. 

Silver Spring Networks is expanding its relationship with EVESA, the operator responsible for managing the street light and traffic control systems in Paris. Council Associate Partner Silver Spring will deploy a citywide canopy network connecting the above-ground and subterranean cabinet-based controllers for street and traffic lights across Paris, including such iconic neighborhoods as the Louvre, Hotel-de-Ville, Palais-Bourbon and Elysee. 

“With more than 2 million citizens and 16 million annual visitors, modernizing the public lighting infrastructure for ‘The City of Lights’ while preserving its world-renowned aesthetic is a crucial undertaking. We are excited to now complete the first phase of our project and extend our relationship with EVESA to deploy a smart city canopy network across Paris,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO of Silver Spring Networks. “EVESA’s diligent planning and intense technology testing help ensure the citizens of Paris receive a globally proven, highly reliable and secure smart city solution.” 

Silver Spring’s smart city platform helps municipalities deploy intelligent lighting systems that dramatically improve system reliability, increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs, extend equipment lifespans, and enhance citizen safety and quality of life.  The open, standards-based solution also enables cities to establish a platform for future smart city applications and services such as traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, electricity metering, water conservation, and many others. 

In addition to Paris, Silver Spring was recently selected by Florida Power & Light for what is believed to be the world’s largest connected lighting project – and by the English city of Bristol to deploy a wireless canopy that will turn the city into a living lab.


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