Cities Today: Inaugural Smart Cities Week fuels strong debate and high turnout

Mon, 2015-10-05 10:48 -- SCC Staff

Cities Today writer Tom Teodorczuk reports on Smart Cities Week®, highlighting some of the speakers, exhibitors and comments about the event from attendees. Below is a brief excerpt; click here to read the full Cities Today article. 

Among the 1,000 attendees to have been impressed with Smart Cities Week was Brandon Davito, Vice President of Smart Lighting and Cities at Silver Spring Networks, a networking technologies industry leader based in Redwood, California. He told Cities Today: “Smart Cities Week was a great event bringing together technologists, vendors, industry leaders and cities themselves to think about both how can city services be improved and how technology can aid that effort.

“It showed both the potential of smart city technologies and the complexities inherent within making the technologies a reality. What particularly interested me was seeing how mayors have used Smart City initiatives to change the competitive landscape and economic fortunes of communities.”