Cities Today: First ‘neutral’ smart cities guide launched

Fri, 2014-02-14 11:26 -- SCC Staff

Cities Today interviews Jesse Berst, Smart Cities Council Chairman, and James Denton-Brown, civil infrastructure planning manager at Bechtel, on the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. Here are excerpts:

Jesse BerstBerst: “To our knowledge there is nothing else like it. There are guides printed from a single company’s viewpoints and general guides but nothing that really gives specific advice. Here’s 27 guidelines and if you follow these 27 guidelines you can build a city safely and create a foundation that will support you for years and years of progress.”

The 27 guidelines provide best practices and more than 50 case studies that aim to help a city create its own customised ‘wish list’ and help them avoid pitfalls.

Denton-BrownDenton-Brown: “The technology of the council sets itself apart from other city networks. Bechtel is not a vendor but a technology company because of the type of projects that we do. Crossrail just bristles with technology, communication networks, and signalling. Bechtel feels like they have something to offer in that transition from these technological concepts into actually designing and building these things in cities.”

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If you haven't downloaded the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, you can get it here. Note: as a premium resource, it is available only to registered members of the Council. You can become a member by completing a free, one-time registration.  Learn more >>