Can a free app help innovators innovate better? Deloitte thinks so

Fri, 2015-04-17 06:00 -- SCC Staff

The app, referred to as Ten Types of Innovation by its developer, gives innovators a series of tools – and structure – to help them transform their brainstorms into a systematic approach that will yield tangible results.

The iPad app was released by Doblin, the innovation element of Monitor Deloitte in the Deloitte Consulting firm. It is based on a Doblin blueprint developed 15 years ago to help its high-end clients break down innovation into a series of steps to make the overall process simpler, explained Melissa Quinn, Doblin chief operations officer, in a Chicago Tribune article.

What it does
As Quinn put it, “It’s a stylized value chain that helps organizations think more broadly about innovation, and it gives them a tool and a language system for talking about it and creating some building blocks for it. She mentioned that Doblin considers innovation to be “more science than art.”

“There are actual methods and tools and ways to approach it more systematically than just lying on the floor in a dark room and trying to brainstorm ideas.

The system groups innovation into three categories:

  • Configuration: think of what Netflix did in the video rental industry
  • Offering: Nike’s new Nike+ product-system innovation
  • Experience: Virgin’s move into space travel and other areas

The app launch follows the 2013 release of a book on the system and, as Quinn said “We want to be able to democratize it so that anybody can start using it as a tool. The book was the first step in sharing the ideas. The app is a tool for making them actionable and actually being able to use the tool in your own innovation efforts. It's available for free in the iTunes store.

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