Camgian releases Egburt, an IoT solution that makes cities smarter

Fri, 2014-10-31 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Mississippi-based Camgian Microsystems, a Council Associate Partner, this week officially released its new Internet of Things (IoT) platform – Egburt -- which aims to revolutionize the way cities and other enterprises collect and monitor their critical assets.

Egburt applies real-time analytics across multiple sensor feeds in the field to provide organizations with immediate operational intelligence and control. It utilizes what the company says is a revolutionary new “edgeware” computing architecture that allows organizations to push logic and control to the edge of the network and down to where their assets reside.

Important for budget-constrained cities to know is that Egburt lowers the total cost of ownership of IoT solutions by decreasing communication costs, increasing battery life and eliminating some of the challenges of processing big data. And its flexibility and interoperability with a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf sensors means it can be implemented over a broad range of applications such as smart cities, infrastructure, retail, agriculture, manufacturing and facilities management.

“As the number of connected devices grows in the coming years, edge intelligence will be vital to delivering information in real-time,” said Gary Butler, chairman and CEO of Camgian Microsystems. “Egburt will provide enterprises with the real-time intelligence and control needed to make better decisions for their operations at a lower total cost of ownership than existing systems.”

How it works
Here's an example of how Egburt works from the retail sector: “Egburt is deployed in a number of my dollar stores monitoring my store environment, cooler and freezers, and activity throughout the store. Egburt identifies high customer activity areas throughout my store and ensures that I can monitor my coolers and freezers for any immediate threats of spoilage. We have always strived to provide one-stop shopping to our customers and now I can retrofit a single one-stop solution in my stores that combines different types of monitoring to provide insight into my store operations.” said David Majure, owner of Fred’s of Meridian, Inc.

Watch the video to learn more.