Air-purifying billboards? Engineers in Peru say they've created one

Wed, 2014-05-14 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Just last week we reported on the World Health Organization's study of cities with the dirtiest air. Now comes word from engineers at Peru's University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) that they've created a billboard that uses basic thermodynamic principles to suck in construction zone pollutants and return purified air to the environment. And they're talking about lots of air, as in 100,000 cubic meters of purified air per day. A press release on the project says its billboard can do the work of 1,200 trees.

UTEC planted the billboard near a construction zone in Lima, Peru – a city that enjoys a booming construction industry but suffers from severe air pollution. The billboard reportedly pulls in potentially cancer-causing dust, metal and stone particles common at construction sites and releases cleaner healthier air into a five-block radius.

"This Peruvian machine technology works through certain thermodynamic processes that occur freely in nature [such] as pressure, vacuum and low temperature," the release states. The process is continuous and highly efficient with very low energy expenditure, it adds.

Watch the video below for more on the air-purifying billboard.