2020 Global Smart Cities Week Launches

Wed, 2020-08-19 08:16 -- Philip Bane

A New Horizon

Opportunity arising from crisis (危机)

"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity." | John F. Kennedy

Register for free to attend for a global experience of free live and on demand programming from October 19 to November 10, 2020

For more information on Sponsorship,contact jason.nelson@smartcitiescouncil.com

For more information on city participation or speaker opportunities, contact connie.heath@smartcitiescouncil.com

Our programming will focus on the following topics:

  • Woman in city tech - making a difference
  • Pandemic strategies from competent nations – Singapore, New Zealand, Korea and Germany
  • Mitigating climate change for vulnerable populations
  • Workforce development – upskilling your workforee
  • Collaborative engagement solving common needs through the Council’s 2020 Global Readiness Challenge
  • Vote on finalists and meet the 2021 Readiness Leaders for Readiness Cohorts
  • Well-being and compassion using data and technology
  • Privacy protections when crises require more information about individuals
  • Economic development focus with a review of smart city business opportunities in North American / Indian communities
  • Infrastructure investment in local communities in 2021
  • Control of urban flooding with protections for vulnerable populations
  • Improved reputation for sustainability using benchmarks and technology
  • Inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Scaling IoT proof of concept to fully deployed opportunities
  • Improved decision making with shared data
  • Full stakeholder engagement during project planning
  • 5G data dividend with agile planning
  • Better predictive analytics with digital twins
  • Protecting assets with cybersecurity best practices
  • Digital transformation through collaborative planning
  • Resiliency thru the Readiness For Resiliency Program
  • Crisis Management working at the front lines