13 most-clicked smart cities news and resources of 2013

Thu, 2014-01-02 06:00 -- Liz Enbysk

What captured the interest of smart cities enthusiasts last year? Even though it wasn't released until November, the Council's Smart Cities Readiness Guide took the No. 1 spot when we ran the numbers to see what got the most clicks on our website in 2013. Scroll down to see what else made the list (and note they're all linked in case you missed any).

1.  Smart Cities Readiness Guide

2.  Best of the Best eBook

3.  ABB smart city outlook: both challenges and chance

4.  Alstom's smart city game plan: Q&A with Laurent Schmitt

5.  Monetizing street lights: A bright idea being tested in San Diego

6.  The 5 best city websites

7.  Top 10 most competitive cities today (and how to leapfrog them tomorrow)

8.  S&C Electric: Smart grid as the foundation of a smart city

9.  AT&T's smart city solutions: Q&A with Reed Pangborn

10. Albany "citizen army" will help fight neighborhood blight

11. The world's 23 best smart city apps

12. Top 10 smart cities predictions for 2013

13. Microsoft announces sweeping smart cities initiative


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