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Utilities Advancing Cities



#UtilitiesAdvancingCities is a national campaign initiated by the Utilities Committee of the Smart Cities Council to encourage grassroots storytelling through public relations, social media campaigning and problem solving interactions to inspire utilities and cities to realize the benefits of collaboration for creating smarter cities. Conversations are focused on:

Livability: health, safety, convenience, mobility, culture
Workability: connected, competitive, high-quality jobs, economic development
Sustainability: environmental and resource stewardship, net zero, clean energy

We inspire committee members to help accelerate the following goals:

Goal 1: To educate the world about how utilities can help cities improve their livability, workability and sustainability

Goal 2: To educate cities about how to work with utilities to create a long-term business model necessary to finance necessary changes.

Goal 3: To establish solid partnerships to help cities reach their goals.

Goal 4: To increase utility attendance and promote membership within the Smart Cities Council.


In efforts to facilitate advocacy, the Utilities Committee will be launching a program called Utility Readiness Teams comprised of fellow utilities, cities, suppliers, consulting firms, regulatory influencers, utility committee members, council leaders and 3rd-party advisors; where relevant. SCC will select teams whose collective experience, guidance and solutions support the best interest of the city or utility who seek to establish mentorship and goal-setting based on specific needs.

Participate in your very own Utilities Readiness Team during a pre-conference workshop at Smart Cities Week on September 27, 2016 in Washington D.C.

Utilities Advancing Cities: A collaborative workshop for identifying gaps and next steps

Want a smart city but don’t know how to get started? Participants will partake in an intensive half-day workshop as a member of a Utilities Collaborative Readiness Team. Each Team will bring together a leader from a utility, city, campus, regulator, supplier and consultant. Additionally, each Team will include a Smart Cities Council readiness expert and a Performance Excellence in Energy Renewal (PEER) expert. This holistic team of experts will help empower your utility or city toward a path of success.

This workshop will commence with the utility and city identifying a vision. With the guidance of their Utility Readiness Team, the utility and city will not only walk away understanding their gaps and next steps for strategic implementation, but will have trusted advisors in place to help fulfill those goals well beyond this workshop session.

We welcome one influencer, decision maker or champion per organization due to limited space. Registrants will be reviewed and accepted with this consideration. In order for this to be an effective workshop, there will be a limit for how many can register per organization category.

This workshop is created by the Utilities Committee of the Smart Cities Council.