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Computing resources

Smart idea: why Oracle's building a high school on its corporate campus


Earlier this year Oracle announced it would invest $200 million in U.S. computer science education as part of a larger global initiative. But company leaders wanted to take their education initiatives further. The company is now building a public high school on its corporate campus to teach students problem-solving skills and more. Read the story to learn what's behind the strategy.

4 key points to consider BEFORE your city moves to digital services


With many cities facing chronically tight budgets and the need to expand services to meet the changing demands of growing populations, switching to digital services can often be the right choice. Our story explains some of the critical elements to consider when moving services online and how to provide maximum benefits for citizens and do it cost-effectively.

Why city colleges should consider partnering with tech companies


A former student's gratitude for the training that helped him land a job with Siemens has led to paid internships with the company for promising students in an Oregon community college energy management program. It's a classic win-win: good jobs for the students and a talent pool of much-needed building control technicians for the company.

IoT and smart cities: what happens next?


Predicting how technologies will evolve (or if they will) is a difficult chore. But with millions of connected devices and sensors collecting massive amounts of new forms of data and new ways to use it, most analysts see substantial and continued growth in the number of cities moving toward Internet of Things technology as they work to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective.

The Illinois plan to leap-frog to the front of the smart city race


Illinois spends more on technology than virtually every other state, but it gets the least from that investment. Now on its way to making up for a 40-plus-year technology deficit, it plans to become the first smart state. And its approach for action could work for your city.

Just so you know: IT infrastructure spending expected to jump this year


The total spending on IT infrastructure products like servers and storage is expected to jump by almost 20% this year to reach $38.2 billion. And a majority of that spending will come from public sector and corporate organizations, says market intelligence firm and Council Associate Partner IDC in a new report.

Partner Spotlight: News from Intel, Schneider Electric, Ooredoo, Qualcomm, Siemens, and IBM


IBM partners on cloud and cognitive computing… Intel's new acquisition… Schneider Electric's cloud-based security management system… Ooredoo's ICT infrastructure deal… Qualcomm's wireless EV charging agreement… Siemens' UK energy savings and clean air projects. Follow the link to learn more.