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Examples and case studies

New York's talking lamp post (and what it implies for your city)


Can you imagine asking a street light about the weather or traffic? New York residents can and they’re getting useful answers in return thanks to a demonstration project with GE that’s bringing smart cities technology to life. And you could be doing this in your own city.

Boston finds cities will soon have fewer drivers but many more transit riders


As a group, they’ve had their driver’s licenses for the shortest period of time, but they don’t want to live in places where they have to use them. Transit and city planners should take careful note of a new study of Boston’s next-generation workforce.

Singapore at 50: City grows up, reinvents itself


Singapore’s first 50 years were marked by tremendous success in shipping, oil refining, electronics and banking. But those industries are already showing their age, which, in turn, is causing Singapore to show its age. So the city state is digitally cloning itself to drive 50 more years of growth and perhaps help shape smart cities worldwide.

5 inspiring communities that are reinventing themselves sustainably


One neighborhood has been vacant since the steel industry collapsed. Another is still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Others are doing well, but are acting now to create a sustainable future. Get inspired by transformations under way in five cities working with EcoDistricts.

New technologies help smart cities (and travelers) find their way


A single app that shows all the transportation options in cities. Electric buses that run without wires. A power grid that helps heal itself, dramatically shortening outages. Check out these and other bright ideas that were highlighted at the Council's recent Smart Cities Now forum.