Smart City Examples

India's most promising smart cities (and companies poised to build them)


While India continues to work on its vision of 100 smart cities, a new report already suggests the 20 most promising cities to make that transformation in the next phase. Click for an update on the evolving India smart city scene, including some of the companies planning to help make the vision reality.

Density done right: Former B.C. planning chief explains how to do it


Vancouver, B.C. is considered a prime example of successful smart cities planning and development, but can other cities adopt and adapt the steps it took to get there? Vancouver's former city planning director recently told a Seattle audience that it could and should.

Optimizing Critical City Infrastructures


This presentation on Dublin, Ireland's smart city initiatives will interest city leaders and urban planners interested in real-life examples of how technology can be deployed to improve the efficiency of public services - from using mobile phones to pay for parking on city streets to installing smart water meters to support resource optimization.