Visioning and roadmapping tools

Cities want to get smarter, so why is it taking so long? (What you can do to move faster)


Most cities and utilities see the smart cities transformation as truly revolutionary. But despite that, the latest Black & Veatch survey finds they’re moving slower in that direction. Learn about the obstacles they see in their way and how you can leap over them so you don’t get left behind.

Global workshops promote smart city readiness


Developed specifically for government officials and technology engineers, the Council's Smart Cities Readiness Workshops promote an interactive learning environment to help participants assess their city's readiness to innovate. Click for details on upcoming workshops you may wish to attend or to learn how your organization can host a Readiness Workshop.

Resolved to make your city smarter in 2014? Start with low-hanging fruit


If you're resolved to get a smart city initiative off the ground in 2014, don't miss our latest excerpt from the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. It explains both the benefits of creating a roadmap and why experts recommend cities start with "low-hanging fruit" – smart city projects that offer a big return for a relatively small investment in money and time.

Imagine Austin


The 2012 Imagine Austin comprehensive plan provides a roadmap for Austin, Texas to navigate the challenges of the 21st century, core principles for action to achieve a sustainable future, and how the city will use those principles to turn the plan into reality.

Stockholm Vision 2030


Through Vision 2030, the City of Stockholm has clarified its long-term ambitions and aspirations. The vision is a world-class Stockholm and this document outlines how that vision plays out by 2030 with an emphasis on partnerships to make it happen. As noted in its introduction, the implementation – building new housing areas, creating workplaces, constructing new public transport – will take many years to realize.

Philadelphia 2035 Citywide Vision


Through two phases of work — the Citywide Vision and 18 District Plans — Philadelphia2035 builds on the Pennsylvania city’s recent achievements and long-established assets to guide physical development for the next 25 years and beyond. It is intended to be a blueprint for a 21st-century city that thrives with new growth and opportunities, connects to the region and the world, and renews its valued resources for future generations.

New York City Digital Leadership 2013 Roadmap


This document is as much a celebration and recap of what New York City has accomplished since launching its first digital roadmap in 2011 -- and it's been a lot -- as it is a document that outlines what's next. But it does mention that there are still enormous opportunities, from expanded infrastructure and STEM education to emergency digital tools and greater diversity in the sector.