Upward Mobility

Panasonic's Kid Witness News global summit nurtures a new generation of leaders


Panasonic's Kid Witness News educational program is now in 18 countries, supplying schools with video production equipment that enables students to report on the world through their eyes. Next week the company hosts its first KWN summit in Japan. It promises to be eye-opening; find out why.

From data integration to diversion: 6 efforts to reduce prison recidivism


In Australia, one expert describes “an insidious revolving-door phenomenon” where people are stuck in a loop between homelessness and prison. Recidivism rates are also a huge challenge in the U.S. as they are elsewhere. We look at a wide range of programs trying to change that.

A network of hope: Cisco Canada paves a digital legacy for Indigenous communities


As Canada commemorates its 150th anniversary of confederation, Cisco Canada launched The Next 150 campaign to expand the scope of a breakthrough program that links Indigenous communities across Canada to unique educational and health and wellness opportunities.

Between a rock and a hard place: Digital inclusion remains elusive for many


Kids in Ghana use rocks they found in the schoolyard to learn how a computer mouse works. There's no computer in their school, so the teacher improvises. From rural Ghana to neighborhoods of Philadelphia, the digital divide is real – and so are efforts to end it. See some examples involving Huawei, Microsoft and others.

From Cessnock to Dallas: 7 encouraging efforts to curtail the youth jobs crisis


In Brisbane, youth unemployment hit a 17-year high in March and Greece recorded a 47.9% youth jobless rate a month earlier. Some are calling this global crisis a ticking time bomb. Can it be diffused? Click for a look at public and private entities trying to do just that.

New Microsoft, UN partnership will focus on tech's role in tackling human rights challenges


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the five-year, $5 million pact with Microsoft could be a "truly groundbreaking agreement." Read how the partnership will utilize advanced technology to advance human rights.