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Food and Water

Will ordering groceries online lead to healthier choices by food stamp recipients?


Seven retailers – Amazon and Safeway among them – were chosen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for a two-year pilot offering food stamp recipients in seven states the opportunity to order and pay for groceries online. The goal is to increase access to healthy foods for low-income families and individuals. Will it work?

Novel approaches take on food waste (and hunger and GHGs too)


Malaysian teens call their mobile food surplus app Robin Food; in Brazil restaurant diners are encouraged to eat a little less but pay full price to help combat child hunger and malnutrition. Read about more novel efforts around the world to reduce food waste, hunger and greenhouse gases.

How a UK supermarket works with towns and technology to reduce food waste


A poll of UK adults found only 3% see any stigma attached to wasting food – yet most turn off lights or turn down the heat to save money. Read how a supermarket chain is working with UK communities to promote smart technologies that help households reduce food waste and save money.

Feeding the hungry: Digital giving options expand (and so does the need)


From a pay-it-forward takeout app to online red kettles and virtual food drives, opportunities to help the hungry have definitely gone digital. Click for a look at several clever approaches designed to encourage charitable clicking. Will they work in your community?