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Finance and procurement

Need help paying for smart city projects? More resources you can use


Smart cities offer a sustainable place to live and work. But if your city is like so many others it may not have the bucks to invest in the projects and technologies that make a city smart. Read our story to learn about financing models and sources (and a program that helps cities in developing countries improve their credit rating).

What are the feds doing for smart cities? More than you might think


Does your city have the financing and technological know-how it needs to plan and deploy smart transportation and mobility projects? If not, read our story for details about examples of programs the U.S. Department of Transportation has in place that may meet your needs.

How to make renewable energy work for your city (and make money doing it)


The small Ohio town of Minster might not seem a likely choice for energy technology innovation, but its solar power plus energy storage system is the largest of its kind for a municipal utility in the U.S. Not only will the storage system bring more energy reliability and new revenue streams to the city, it also will allow it to defer $350,000 in grid upgrade costs. Sound like a good idea?

Internal fraud cost this city $50 million. How to keep all your tax revenue


Cities spend a lot of time looking for citizens and businesses who are tax cheats, but what if the tax fraud is occurring within your own department? Cities lose millions that way — one lost $50 million. Find out what you can do to protect the tax revenue you collect.

What Kentucky is doing to get people to like the tax man (hint: rapid refunds)


Could your city budget use an extra $1 million infusion? Predictive analytics helped Kentucky find that in just a few months by pinpointing fraud on tax returns. And it’s a system the public overall should love. Learn how it’s helping law-abiding citizens get tax refunds faster than ever.

Mayors: I’m begging you to harvest these 3 Chinese innovations


When cities strive to become smarter, they often struggle with finding ways to pay for the improvements, develop an integrated approach and overcome technical challenges. Yinchuan, China, has found innovative ways to leap over all three of those barriers, providing a great blueprint for cities worldwide. Don’t miss these innovations.