Promising initiatives are emerging worldwide to address the need for improved
and comprehensive urban water planning, technologies, investment and
associated operations in the cities of the future
.-- United Nations


Why this task force exists

Smart water systems play an increasingly critical role in supporting resilient and sustainable cities. Along with energy, water is essential for everyday life – providing sustenance, supporting industry and irrigating fields.

Yet today many cities struggle to meet rising demand for water from growing populations – a struggle compounded by drought, flooding, aging infrastructure and water quality challenges. The United Nations believes that about two-thirds of the world's population – or 4.6 billion people – will face water-stressed conditions in the next decade. We are already witnessing this in India, Brazil and other countries worldwide.

What we offer cities

The Smart Water Task Force understands the urgency city leaders are feeling. We are committed to helping them accelerate the adoption of smart water technologies so their communities can realize the financial, environmental and social benefits they offer.

Educating stakeholders about how to secure an intelligent water future is a task force priority in coming months. We will:

  • Develop a white paper on the benefits of smart water technologies for reducing non-revenue water loss (water leaks, theft, etc.)
  • Develop a white paper outlining the role of the smart water sector as part of a comprehensive, integrated smart cities strategy (with interoperability and connectivity as key components)
  • Contribute expertise to smart water events featured at Smart Cities Week conferences in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., including a Smart Water Workshop on Oct. 3, 2017, in D.C.

For dates, times and locations of our workshops and related events, please refer to our Opportunity Calendar, which is regularly updated with all of the latest information.

Task force members also hold meetings over the course of the year at Council-sponsored events and quarterly teleconferences. Click the "Join Us" button nearby to learn how you can collaborate with smart water experts and forward-thinking cities to share tips, techniques and best practices for building more sustainable water systems for current and future generations.

Where to learn more about smart water