Mobility and congestion are challenges for every city. More and more of them are turning to technology to provide better, faster and cheaper ways to get around. This section collects some of the world's best examples.

Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management


Did you know the annual cost of traffic congestion as of 2013 was $121 billion -- for time lost, wasted fuel and vehicle emissions? Not to mention the frustration of arriving late. Fortunately, effective traffic management is available. Read the brief to learn about Verizon's intelligent traffic management solution that includes tools and analytics to reduce travel times, save fuel and improve overall traffic flow.

JuiceBox Charging Solution Leverages Data from Connected EV Network for Smart Charging and Grid Optimization


How can a residential electric vehicle charger improve grid reliability, reduce emissions and support clean energy? In this paper, Dr. Valery Miftakhov explains how eMotorWerks uses the OSIsoft PI System to enable "true vehicle-to-grid integration" through their JuiceBox Smart[Grid] Charging System.