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Health and human services

For both the public and the private sectors, new digital technologies offer breakthrough innovations that make services both easier for citizens to find and use and less costly for city governments to administer.

Converting Buses Into Mobile Showers for the Homeless


Hearing a homeless woman on the street crying that she'd never feel clean again was the inspiration for a nonprofit that takes retired public transit buses and converts them into traveling hygiene units for the homeless. Watch this video explains how the Lava Mae nonprofit does it -- and how other communities could do the same.

Transforming Prenatal Care in Uganda with a Smart Phone


Over 60% of infant deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa. Accurate fetal heart rate monitoring is hard to come by in that part of the world. Two University students from Uganda are developing WinSenga, a portable, mobile and affordable fetal heart rate monitor that runs on Microsoft phones. Learn more in this video.

SADA Systems and Skid Row Housing


Watch this brief video to learn how Skid Row Housing in Los Angeles is leveraging technology to more efficiently fulfill its mission of providing supportive housing to help people who have experienced homelessness, prolonged extreme poverty, poor health, disabilities, mental illness and/or addiction lead safe, stable lives in wellness.

Meet the Makers: Ken Krieger and the Ebola-proof tablet


Don't miss this video where you'll meet Ken Krieger and the makers behind Project Buendia. They created an Ebola-proof tablet and server with Intel Edison technology to help fight the Ebola outbreak -- and they did in two months when it would normally take two years -- because they were racing against time.