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The Murky Future of Global Water Quality


A global study by Veolia and the International Food Policy Research Institute found that rapidly deteriorating water quality over the next several decades will increase risks to human health, economic development and thousands of aquatic ecosystems in developed and developing economies alike. Learn about sustainable solutions available to cities.

How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management


Cloud software services are bringing about rapid and diverse changes to how a water utility operates and how data is used. As new systems often require new technology resources to operate and support, this Badger Meter white paper explains why utilities are finding cloud computing to be a viable alternative to investing in additional hardware.

Using Innovation and Technology to Improve City Services


Created by the IBM Center for the Business of Government, Using Innovation and Technology to Improve City Services studies emerging trends in the innovative services that smart cities offer and the ways that the cities themselves are adapting to create those services. It presents six key findings in how cities are implementing services and six key actions cities are taking to innovate. The report also uses 12 U.S. cities as case studies, providing examples of especially innovative ways that those cities have adapted.

Connecting Cities: Mobility -- Unlocking Potential in Emerging Markets


This Connecting cities: Emerging markets report from MasterCard has been produced to kick-start a dialogue about how we can take collaboration in urban mobility and development to the next level and ensure that we build smart cities for smart citizens.

Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Urban Mobility


This white paper examines intelligent connectivity as it applies to urban mobility: how people and things move through cities. As the authors state, enabling effective transport of citizens and goods is critical to a city’s economic and social vitality, the well-being of its inhabitants, and its consumption and emissions footprint.

Delivering the Vision: Gabon Infrastructure Project


This white paper highlights Council Lead Partner Bechtel's multi-year partnership with the government of Gabon to support the country’s progressive programs and vision towards economic growth. The endeavor has included planning and delivering a pipeline of infrastructure projects diversely located across Gabon and within multiple industrial sectors of varying complexity.

Urban Mobility in the Smart City Age


Mobility infrastructure has been identified as the number one priority for cities seeking to attract investors, and as such it is high on the agenda for many growing cities. This paper from Schneider Electric, The Climate Group and Arup explores how to move from a reactive approach to mobility services, to a proactive model that anticipates future change and takes advantage of new opportunities.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication Platforms: The Future Bricks and Mortar for Building Intelligent Water Systems


Improved sensor technologies and firmware applications, big data analytics tools and embedded machine-to-machine communication and processing platforms have opened up new opportunities for utilities to collect data that has typically been manually collected and rarely evaluated. This white paper highlights those opportunities and their application in building intelligent water systems.