Worldwide Smart City Business Analytics Software 2015 Vendor Assessment


Business intelligence (BI) and analytics are central to smart city initiatives. These solutions are what makes cities smart, and cities need to have an independent assessment of which vendors can provide the best solution for their needs. This report assesses vendors in the analytics software space and features Council Lead Partner SAS Institute as one among a small group of leaders in the field.

Addressing Water Scarcity Through Recycling and Reuse: A Menu for Policymakers


This policy review, a white paper from Council Lead Partner GE, provides a valuable starting point for governments to evaluate the appropriate mix of policies that will best fit their needs as they work to expand their water recycling and reuse programs. It offers policy options as well as examples from throughout the world.

Top 14 Best Practices for Building Video Surveillance Networks


The shift from analog to Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance cameras has changed the way that video surveillance systems are built. Instead of running lengths of coax cable from multiplexers out to cameras, an IP-based surveillance system involves plugging the cameras into an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). Get the 14 best practice guidelines for installation in this white paper.

Smart Cities: Strategic Focus on Real-time Infrastructure Control Systems


Complex legacy city infrastructures present an obstacle for cities struggling to provide better service to their citizens. And often governments focus on IT while operational technology is overlooked. This Schneider Electric white paper examines the importance of a strategic approach to real-time platforms and flexible operational teams.

Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management


Did you know the annual cost of traffic congestion as of 2013 was $121 billion -- for time lost, wasted fuel and vehicle emissions? Not to mention the frustration of arriving late. Fortunately, effective traffic management is available. Read the brief to learn about Verizon's intelligent traffic management solution that includes tools and analytics to reduce travel times, save fuel and improve overall traffic flow.

Verizon Intelligent Lighting


Cost isn't the only reason many cities are switching to LED lighting systems. They're less expensive to operate and maintain, but think of them as a gateway too. Verizon's integrated lighting technologies offers access to connecting Internet of Things technology solutions to the system, such as dimming capabilities, digital signage, sensors that provide environmental alerts and a lot more.

Verizon Intelligent Video


Getting video surveillance protection for critical infrastructure or often unattended facilities can be daunting, considering equipment, personnel costs and data storage. Read the brief to learn about Verizon's Intelligent Video solution for infrastructure and facilities at the edge that doesn't require investing time and resources on streaming footage.

Architecting an Industrial Sensor Data Platform for Big Data Analytics: Continued

One of the greatest challenges faced with Big Data analytics of sensor data is acquiring the sensor data in a scalable, reliable and consistent manner. This white paper from Gartner and OSIsoft discusses a strategic approach for sensor data archival and utilization in Big Data analytics.

Moving Beyond Cash: Improving Lives with Smarter, More Efficient Digital Payments

Payments touch every aspect of our lives. This white paper from MasterCard explains how removing cash from the economy creates far-reaching and cumulative benefits for all participants -- citizens, merchants, tourists and government -- improving life for the city at-large.

The Case for Smart Water and Why It's a No Brainer


There are a lot of reasons why the water industry is in significant disarray today. In this white paper, West Monroe Partners suggest looking at process improvements and efficiency gains to lower operating costs and help offset the required spending on infrastructure replacement that is inevitable.