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Beating the Odds


Hajira Attah wanted to be the first in her family to go to college but she had a 1.7 GPA and low SAT scores. All eight schools she applied to said no. Then she heard about Johnson C. Smith University. It was willing to take a risk on her. How did it turn out? Click to watch a short video from the Gates Foundation.

The DigiTruck Project: Closing the Digital Divide in Africa


Arrow Electronics and the nonprofit organization Close the Gap are collaborating to turn used cargo containers into fully equipped digital classrooms and health clinics that can be deployed to remote areas of Africa. Click for a brief video about the first DigiTruck classroom that was deployed to an orphanage in Tanzania.

Producing More Food with Less: Investing in Resource-Efficient Technologies and Practices


Achieving the transition to "resource-smart" food systems will require better policy-making as well as a collaborative and proactive multi-stakeholder approach. Watch this UN video to see how resource-efficient technologies contribute to food security.

One Home: A Free Affordable Housing Search Tool in the Bay Area


One Home is a free web and mobile platform that allows anyone to search affordable housing options in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With One Home, people can find a home that they are eligible for, share housing information with others, and download housing applications, all from one place. Learn more in a brief video.

An Educational Turnaround at Victoria Park Primary


In a deprived area of the U.K., a primary school has experienced an educational transformation due to the Microsoft Shape the Future Initiative in partnership with RM. Pupils, many of whom speak English as a second language, are becoming confident assured learners. Learn how in this video.

IBM Helps Birmingham Tackle its Food Deserts


As part of its Smarter Cities Challenge, IBM experts went to Birmingham, Alabama to help the city tackle its 'food desert' challenges and other issues, including economic development. Watch the video for information that could help your city make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to citizens.