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Intelligent Cloud Computing Lifts Villages Out of Water Poverty


A team from the University of Oxford hopes to lift five million people in rural Africa and Asia from water-related poverty by linking smart water pumps to the cloud. Learn in this video from Microsoft Research how Cortana Intelligence Suite is empowering project partners including UNICEF to monitor the health of water systems at regional scale.

Enabling Access to Healthcare for Millions More in Asia


Developed markets and emerging markets alike are facing healthcare challenges in Asia Pacific, especially the lack of quick, efficient access to quality healthcare. Watch in this video how Microsoft and partners are working to enable healthcare organizations to integrate virtual health into their existing care models.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach in India: Advancing Healthcare and Opportunity


Watch this video to learn how Qualcomm Wireless Reach is bringing wireless technology to underserved areas in India. The goal is to educate frontline healthcare workers, increase access to quality healthcare and economically empower women entrepreneurs with microfinance loans.

Bangladesh’s Farmers, Small Business Owners Prosper with Solar Power


Watch this World Bank video to see how solar power is changing lives in Bangladesh -- lighting up homes and helping small business owners and farmers access affordable and reliable electricity to improve productivity and climb the rungs of economic prosperity.

Youth Employment: Working Poverty and the Gender Gap


Work prospects for many young people still keep them in poverty, and if you are a young woman your chances of finding a quality job are even less likely. Authors of the International Labour Organization's World Employment and Social Outlook "Trends for Youth" report explain their findings in a short video.

Access to Energy for People Living in Off-Grid Areas in India


The Society for Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) has implemented 30 KW decentralized solar-based micro grid models in 20 remote villages of Bihar and UP in India. This video explains how Schneider Electric solar hybrid inverters Conext XW+ provide a robust, scalable and reliable solution for off-grid villages.

App and the Cloud Help Save Lives of Babies Born with Rare Heart Disease


For parents of newborns with a rare heart disease, monitoring for subtle health changes is critical. Watch in this video how Microsoft technology brings to life the vision of Dr. Girish Shirali, creating a system where nurses and doctors can be brought into the home, virtually, even from hundreds of miles away.

10 Innovative Student Projects Reimagine Bangladesh’s Future


In May 2016, around 100 innovative graduate students from universities across Bangladesh participated in an innovation incubator to develop prototypes that could solve problems affecting their country, from healthcare to transport and infrastructure to agriculture and more. Watch this World Bank video to see the 10 winning projects.