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Below is a list of upcoming events. To submit a calendar item, send conference details and a link to


  • Mar 15 2017 to Mar 17 2017
     —  New Delhi, India

    Smart Urbanation, a convention cum expo, collocated with 4th Smart Cities Summit is India’s leading platform for government and private stakeholders coming together for dialogue on business and technological aided solutions along with city leaders, administrators, start-up innovators to accelerate India’s Smart Cities Mission

  • May 8 2017 to May 10 2017
     —  Santa Clara, CA – USA

    Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley is built on the success of the organization’s annual conference which takes places each
    fall in Washington, D.C. Over 500 (inter)national, state and local government officials, utilities, policymakers, financiers, technologists, non-profit and
    trade groups, business leaders, academics, researchers and citizen organizations will attend to discuss key concepts and explore best practices.

  • Oct 3 2017 to Oct 5 2017
     —  Washington, D.C. – USA

    Smart Cities Week is North America’s must-attend smart city conference. You will meet the international experts that are leading the charge.
    You will mingle with hundreds of mayors, CIOs and other city decision makers. You will see the latest technology up close and personal.

  • Feb 22 2017 to Feb 23 2017
     —  Durban, South Africa

    Understand opportunities to transform Africa’s infrastructure and create value through smarter planning, design and delivery. Provide a forum for technology manufacturers to showcase solutions to decision-makers from public and private sectors.

  • Feb 22 2017 to Feb 23 2017
     —  Denver, CO

    Providing a unique exploration of the current landscape and new approaches in funding, financing and partnering dynamics and factors. Discussion will be current innovative practices as well as next steps, and form strategies.

  • Feb 26 2017 to Mar 1 2017
     —  Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The Abu Dhabi International Exhibition of Technology will focus on advanced technologies such as smart cities, cybersecurity, education technology, mobility, consumer technologies, robotics and more.

  • Feb 27 2017 to Mar 3 2017
     —  Barcelona, Spain

    MWC 2017 program will provide an essential, in-depth coverage of the contemporary and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth and opportunity. The Focus for the event will be technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies.

  • Feb 28 2017 to Mar 2 2017
     —  Santa Clara, CA

    In-depth event exploring solutions toward implementing autonomous vehicle technology. Discussions from car, truck, military, bus & off-highway vehicle companies focusing on implementing autonomous technology. Breakout sessions will include Technology and Business Management for autonomous systems. Information from regulatory panels on what should be expected with the futuristic technology.

  • Mar 2 2017 to Mar 3 2017
     —  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    The summit will bring together professionals in business, policy and academia from across the state and region for two days of discussion, workshops, mentoring and networking to foster leadership and growth in the southeast’s clean tech industry.

  • Mar 7 2017 to Mar 9 2017
     —  Sofia, Bulgaria

    The event aims to promote modern technologies and good practices that can transform our cities into more environmentally friendly and efficient systems. The meeting points between solution providers and their customers. The conference is a great opportunity to obtain information about trends, legislation and perspectives.